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Tax residency in the UAE


Freedom, security and legal tax optimization are reasons why more and more clients are taking up the UAE private tax residency or second citizenship. 

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Become a member of the Freedom-300 community,

In close collaboration with Flag Strategies and Trust & Life, an exclusive solution has been developed specifically for our valued customers and subscribers of Trust & Life.

  • Remaining places: 18

  • Places awarded:   282

The program is restricted to 300 participants and requires completion of an application process. Upon receipt of a commitment, the implementation typically takes 4–5 weeks. Applicants can expect to receive an acceptance or rejection within 1 working day. It is important to note that applications are considered binding and, if accepted, will result in a binding order placement. Individuals who have not definitively decided to apply are kindly requested to disregard this information, as spaces are limited.

The advantages of a UAE Residence  

The Permanent Residence Visa of the United Arab Emirates, one of the safest countries in the world (crime rate below 0.5%) has many advantages. As a UAE resident, you conduct your international business tax-exempt.  

  • Banking secrecy for asset protection ​

  • 0% income tax

  • 0% corporate tax

  • 0% capital gains tax

  • No automatic data exchange of bank details (banking secrecy) for holders with a UAE residence permit. 

  • 100% capital deposit guarantee with local banks


The 300 Freedom Program spans a duration of 2 years. Following this period, an additional 2 years can be pursued if needed, or participants may explore options such as obtaining a Golden Visa or establishing their own company foundation.

The process usually takes 3–5 weeks, after which you travel for 5 business days

to Dubai. During your stay, we will accompany you to the medical test and fingerprinting. You will then receive your residence permit and Emirates ID.

The 2-year Freedom Program entails a cost of 5,000 euros for the first year and 2,500 euros for the second year. This fee covers comprehensive support for all appointments, the acquisition of your residence permit, issuance of your Emirates ID, and the establishment of a private account.

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