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A limited liability company LLC in the United Arab Emirates offers the right to be 100% foreign controlled (no local stakeholders required) and gives the company owner the opportunity to apply for a permanent residence visa. Business is permitted both internationally and within all of the UAE's 40+ free trade zones. 


  • 100% tax exemption for Freezone companies

  • 100% foreign ownership 

  • No capital or transaction controls

  • Exemption from all export and import duties

  • No share capital deposit obligation

  • Internationally recognized corporate structures

  • Strong Banks


  • Founders minimum Age: 18 years old

  • Valid passport, for at least 1 year

  • Prepare 3 alternative company names, we will check availability

  • Please tell us the company's purpose 

  • Tell us the number of shareholders and their shares in %

  • Please register an email address in the name of the new company

In addition, we also offer shelf companies (shell companies) so that you can start your business immediately.

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We mainly use this company type for international business transactions and asset protection models. Freezone Company owners benefit from 0% corporate tax. Setup takes approximately seven business days and can be initiated by post (email). We will advise you on the choice of the free trade zone that is right for you and set up your company in just a few days. 

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