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Bank Account


Opening bank accounts in Switzerland is attractive and can be the right solution for your asset protection.  

The advantages of a bank account
in Switzerland

  • Internationally recognized and secure banking system​

  • World leader in customer service 

  • Well established online banking, credit cards, debit cards 

  • Banking secrecy for holders of residence permits from Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates as well as Swiss nationals

  • The political system is considered to be very stable

  • Switzerland is considered one of the safest countries in the world

Account opening procedure 

Please note that there is no online account opening procedure without being present in Switzerland at least once to identify yourself at the bank. To achieve full banking secrecy status, we support our clients in applying for a residence permit in Switzerland as well as in the United Arab Emirates. 

Bank accounts not resident in Switzerland or the UAE is subject to Automatic Data Exchange *CRS

Each account opening requires an individual Due Diligence (DD)   and the KYC (Know Your Client) process. Depending on the account type, this process is slightly different. We support you throughout the process and prepare all the necessary documents for you.

Minimum requirements

Private account (Private Banking)  

  •   From EUR/USD/CHF 1 million 
    - for residents (with a valid UAE and/or Swiss residence permit)


  •   From EUR/USD/CHF 5 million 
    - for people without a valid UAE and/or Swiss residence permit (Non-Resident

Corporate account (Corporate Banking)  

  • From EUR/USD/CHF 20,000–100,000, depending on the type of company (share capital payment obligation) 
    - for owners of a company based in Switzerland


Crypto currency account  (Digital Banking - Fiat Gateway)

  •  Private crypto account 
    From EUR/USD/CHF 500,000 equivalent value 

  • - for Swiss and/or UAE residents (valid residence permit)

  • Corporate crypto account  
    - From EUR/USD/CHF 500,000 equivalent value 
    - For local and foreign companies (offshore companies) 

Information under which conditions you can obtain a resident permit (residence permit) in the United Arab Emirates can be found here. 

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