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Tax residency in the UAE


Freedom, security and legal tax optimization are reasons why more and more clients are taking up UAE private tax residency or second citizenship. 

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The advantages of a UAE Residence  

The Permanent Residence Visa of the United Arab Emirates, one of the safest countries in the world (crime rate below 0.5%) has many advantages. As a UAE resident, you conduct your international business tax-exempt.  

  • Banking secrecy for asset protection ​

  • 0% income tax

  • 0% corporate tax

  • 0% capital gains tax

  • No automatic data exchange of bank details (banking secrecy) for holders with a UAE residence permit. 

  • 100% capital deposit guarantee with local banks

How do I get permanent residence?

In addition to an employment relationship, there are essentially 2 options 

Business Setup


  • Local company owner with at least 25% stake in the company (eligible for an investor visa for a period of 3 years).

  • Immediate family members also receive a residence permit (spouse, children).

  • In order to maintain the status of a UAE resident, it is not necessary to reside permanently in the UAE. Entry every 6 months is the minimum requirement. 

Golden Visa 


  • A capital contribution or purchase of a property  of at least AED 2 million (EUR, CHF 530,000)

  • The investment must remain in place for at least two years after the visa is issued.

  • Immediate family members also receive a residence permit (spouse, children).

  • The Golden Visa remains valid even if you do not enter the country every 6 months. 

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