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Shelf companies offer companies the opportunity to enter the market immediately and avoid administrative hurdles. Pre-established structures provide you with an efficient and quick solution to start your business immediately.


A shelf company is a company that is not engaged in any activity and may have existed for several years. The shelf company was created and left without activity - metaphorically put on the "shelf" to "age" to be used at a later date for various reasons. 


Buying is easy and quick. A contract of sale is concluded and signed, transferring all rights to the new owner. 100% of the company shares are transferred to the new shareholder(s). Shelf companies are unencumbered and not yet commercially active.


The main reason for buying a ready-made company is the time factor since transferring shares from the existing company to a new shareholder is faster than a new company being founded.

In addition, an older shelf company can be beneficial for contracts that need to be backdated for various legal reasons.


The main part of the transaction is the transfer of the company shares to the new shareholder(s). The share transfer usually takes 3-5 business days based on the signed share purchase agreement.


We have offered shelf companies since 2009 and have assisted over 1000 clients worldwide in finding the best option for a company structure in the United Arab Emirates. Enjoy 100% tax exemption, strong banking secrecy, and a commercial center that connects our world.


Please contact us using the contact form below or for a quote on available shelf companies. We will inform you about the exact steps via Zoom or a short telephone call.

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